Mar 05

6 Predictable Romance Novel Heroes

  • The Doctor – still grieving for the loss of his wife/child, this gifted medical practitioner puts all of his emotional energy into healing his patients. Somehow he manages to maintain a buff physic despite his 16 hour working days.
  • The Cowboy – practical, tough and sexy as all-get-out, this hardworking rancher doesn’t have time for anything except for his property and his horses. Funnily enough for a man who only seems to leave his property to visit the rodeo, feed store or local honky tonk, he can be amazingly suave when the right woman comes along (see Hugh Jackman in Baz Luhrman’s Australia for the Aussie equivalent, The Drover).
  • The Billionaire Tycoon – From dirt poor beginnings, probably with one alcoholic parent and one absent parent either through death or desertion, this man has abandoned all emotion in his single-minded quest to accrue wealth and power. He is most inclined to fall in love with a) his plain-jane secretary who really stunningly beautiful and incredibly nice and has secretly loved him for years, b) a sassy woman who cares nothing for wealth or monetary success and is not impressed by him in any way or c) a random woman that he asks to marry him to fulfil some business ultimatum from a managing director or to avoid some money-hungry socialite trying to trick him into marriage.
  • The Billionaire Heir – Unable to know whether women are more interested in him or his money, this hero is unable to trust. For possible romantic interests, see The Billionaire Tycoon.
  • The Prince – Who knew there were so many dashingly handsome, charming, single royal males roaming the world? As with The Billionaire Heir, The Prince believes that all women are only interested in his wealth and status but will probably end up falling deeply in love with a woman he marries to fulfil his obligation to continue to royal line.
  • The Hero – Perhaps a police or ambulance officer, fireman, detective, marine or SEAL, he is always tough as nails, totally independent and unwilling to form emotional attachments.dsc02236
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