May 21

Review: The Terrific Times Tables Book by Kate Petty

Review: The Terrific Times Tables Book by Kate PettyThe Terrific Times Tables Book by Kate Petty
Published by The Bodley Head Ltd on 1998
Genres: junior non-fiction, non-fiction
Pages: 14
Source: Purchased
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Let's face it, learning those essential times tables can be a real chore, but not any more! This brilliant pop-up book is packed with tabs to turn, levers to pull, flaps to flip up and imaginative artwork that is so inventive, children won't need to be told twice to open it up. There's a colourful spread for each number with lots of multiplication practice, the Funky Counts beat band to add a musical note, hints from Trixie Trick on clever ways to remember those awkward numbers, and a hidden table to help out in case of trouble. Times tables are widely recognised as essential stepping stones to later maths skills and are part of the National Curriculum. The Terrific Times Tables Book is a godsend for reluctant children and concerned parents

Learning times tables can be painful (for students, teacher and parents). We are having our own times tables dramas at the moment, so when I came across this book by Kate Petty, I thought it was worth a try.

This is definitely one for the visual learners. Covering times tables from 0 to 12, the book is full of flaps, dials, pop-ups and other gimmicks to keep children interested and reading. Each number has a theme – 0 and 1 are space, 2 is Noah’s Ark, 3 is a garden, 4 is a Halloween feast and so on through to 12.

This book is colourful and very interactive. Some of the moveable flaps would need to be handled with care to avoid damage. It is ideal for explaining the concept of multiplication to children in addition to giving them some visual memory triggers. There are also memory tricks and tips for learning times tables.

We’ve yet to see whether this book actually manages to make times tables more interesting for my son, but I’m certain that my daughter, who responds really well to visual learning, will enjoy reading this book regularly.

Kate Perry and Jennie Maizels have worked on other educational books including:

  • Super Science Book
  • The Magnificent Music Book
  • Earthly Treasure
  • Global Garden
  • Perfect Punctuation
  • The Wonderful World Book
  • Great Grammar Book

Recommended for readers aged 7 – 9 years.

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