May 22

Lenore made me do it

I’m obviously a highly suggestible individual, because when Lenore from Presenting Lenore suggested in her blog post today that I should sign up with Technorati, I went straight to the site and registered.

I guess I shouldn’t give Lenore all the blame (or credit) for my registration with Technorati, since I have had it on my To Do list for some time. I’ve been planning to register for weeks and it was Lenore’s point that by registering my blog I will be better supporting the Technorati rating of blogs that I follow (that are registered with Technorati) that finally motivated me to do something instead of just plan to do it.

Have you claimed your blog with Technorati? Do you list your Technorati ranking on your blog, or is it simply for your own information? Do you like to see Technorati or other rankings shown on blogs? If you aren’t registered with Technorati, is there another site that rates/ranks blogs that you prefer? (so many questions!)

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