May 11

Make Your Own My Thomas Story Library Book

Make your own My Thomas Story Library Book by Thomas & Friends
Published by Egmont UK Genres: fiction, picture book
Source: Purchased

Don’t you love it when you find the perfect birthday gift for someone and manage to remember it when it comes time to actually buy them a birthday present?

Several months ago I was browsing the Egmont UK website when I came across the ‘You’ and the Birthday Surprise DIY Thomas book. Presented in the My Thomas Library Book format, you can design a character to match you child and have their name appear in the book title and throughout the story. Their personalised picture also appears on the cover and throughout the book.

Now I realise that these DIY books are nothing new. I can remember having similar books when I was young (many, many years ago), but this is in the format of the familiar Story Library books and I have to admit that printing technology has come along way since I received one of the “story featuring your child” books as a kid.

Available exclusively through the Egmont UK website, you can personalise this book with your child’s name, hair style/colour, eye colour, skin tone, shirt colour and gender. Whether boy or girl, they appear in t-shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers. You can also choose the name of one friend that will also appear throughout the story, although you cannot personalise the appearance of this character.

I managed to remember this website when the time came to buy my son’s birthday gifts and I am so glad I went to the trouble of getting a friend in the UK to receive the book and forward it on to me (delivery is only available in the UK). My son LOVES this book, especially one of the final pages when Thomas’ driver invites him to ride in the engine cab. You’d think he was actually there himself.

Even with the exchange rate, this book worked out to be a very reasonable price for a special birthday gift. Current price is £7.99 with no charge for postage.

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