Jun 19

The Bloggiesta has Begun!

Come Join the Bloggiesta!

I know that technically I should have started my personal Bloggiesta this morning at 8am, but it’s a bit hard to get in the mood when no-one else will arrive at the party for another 12 hours.

So, to help me feel a little less stranded at the bottom of the globe, I have started my Bloggiesta at 8pm Australian EST and will run through until 8pm Sunday night. Still not quite in synch with everyone else, but much better than it could be.

I’ve already listed my Bloggiesta goals when I signed up, so now all I have to do is overcome my time management hurdles for the weekend (family birthday lunch tomorrow, possible guests for dinner tomorrow night, church Sunday morning) and get stuck in to getting this blog into tip top shape.

I’m really excited about the mini-challenges that Natasha has lined up at different book blogs. I really do function better when given a specific task and deadline, so I’m hoping for some great progress this weekend.

I love that the Bloggiesta mascot has a name now too – PEDRO will remind us to Plan, Edit, Develop, Review and Organise.

Bloggiesta begins!

So, I’m already over an hour into the Bloggiesta and I’m ready to get started (well, I will be as soon as I go and make myself a cup of tea). I notice that a few of the mini-challenges have already been posted, so I’m off to try to get a head-start.

Wish me luck!

Please add a comment if you have any suggestions about ways I can improve Reading Upside Down or just say Hi!

PS If you want more details about signing up to take part in Bloggiesta yourself, visit Natasha at Maw Books for all the details.

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  1. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Sorry that nobody is up to party with you! Being the first year I’ve done this, it seemed easiest to do but I’ll definitely rethink how I do the start times for next year. And I love Pedro now! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Nicole

    Sorry you were lonely. But now you have a few peeps to keep you company. Good luck with your goals.

  3. Shelley

    Enjoy your tea and reviews!

  4. Joanne

    Yikes that’s quite a time difference. I think the mini-challenges will be great for motivation and ideas. Good luck with your own goals 🙂

  5. Kristin Callender

    Bloggiesta is my first blog challenge so my list looks nothing like yours. I am an author and think this is great for any blogger to get their blog in shape. I have 4 children and need to have many posts put away since it is summer vacation here. That’s my main goal, but stopped here to say hi as part of Softdrink’s mini challenge to connect with 10 other bloggers. So hi and good luck!

  6. Louise

    Well, now you have me around as well 🙂 I am kinda between you in Australia and the North American bloggers, since I am in Copenhagen, Denmark. I see that you review YA books, and since I plan to try that genre, I was curious to know if you had any recommendations?

  7. Sassy Brit

    This is my first bloggiesta challenge, too. Just starting with the simple google alerts challenge.

    Here’s My Bloggiesta Post!

    I’m British so my 8.00am comes round before most other bloggers, too!


  8. gaby317

    Though it must have been hard to start so far ahead of time than the others, I admit that reading your post helped motivate me to participate in bloggiesta.

    Like Kristin, I dropped by after reading Softdrink at Fuzzy Thought’s challenge and suggestion to reach out to other bloggers.

    BTW, your blog name is great!

    Good luck with your challenges and to do list!

  9. Liyana

    All the best, you can do it!

  10. Sheila DeChantal

    So you were kind of like “Let’s get this party started?”

    Looks like you did good. I thought the challenge was a lot of fun and I have enjoyed meeting other book bloggers along the way. 🙂

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