Jul 21

21st July 2009 – Which? What? Who?

Yes, I know. I know. I should have posted this yesterday. This week I choose to blame my children, who are on school holidays and quite unreasonably wanted me to spend some time with them. We went out for the afternoon and saw Night at the Museum 2 at the local family cinema at Boolaroo, where I smothered my writing guilt in hot buttered popcorn.

Now that I’ve made my excuses, on to all things bookish from the past week…

Book Discussions:

Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book Where the Wild Things Are will be released as a feature film in October 2009. The We Love You So blog has all the latest information and links related to the movie including these Wild Things vinyl figures.

A 300-page YA novel version of Where the Wild Things Are titled The Wild Things written by David Eggers will be released on 1st October. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I’m not quite sure how it will work as a novel, but then again I am not known for embracing innovation and change, as my recent Vegemite debate with Meredith demonstrated. What do you think?

Amy at My Friend Amy has announced the second annual Book Bloggers Appreciation Week, which will run from 14 to 18 September 2009. If you have a book blog, make sure you register at the BBAW website. You can also follow @BBAW on Twitter and/or use a #BBAW hashtag in your tweets.

Amy has provided a comprehensive nomination form where you can vote for your favourite book blogs into a huge range of categories. This is a great way of acknowledging some of the awesome bloggers that are out there highlighting some amazing books and authors. Set aside some time to fill in the BBAW nomination form before nominations close on 15th August 2009.

Michelle at Galleysmith has launched a Literary Road Trip and is inviting bloggers to highlight and promote authors from a specific state. You can add a comment to put your name down for a particular state and then link to your Literary Road Trip posts at the Literary Road Trip home post. I’ve put my hand up to cover New South Wales, Australia. I’ve already written two reviews and will post a Literary Road Trip summary post soon.

Cindy at Cindy’s Love of Books is hosting a Books Bought Meme that I am going to start taking part in. I am hoping that forcing myself to admit just how many books I buy in public will help me to curb my book buying impulses. Stay tuned for my first Books Bought confession post…

Fave Book Blogs this week:

This week I’ve decided to list some of my favourite Australian book/writer blogs:

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  1. Karen (Miscellaneous Mum)

    Ah – I can’t tell you how nice it is to be categorized as a ‘book/writer blog’. Normally it’s ‘parenting’ – which, as you know, is only one side of me. Or of any woman who is also a parent 🙂
    .-= Karen (Miscellaneous Mum)´s last blog ..What I’m reading late July 2009 =-.

    1. Susan

      That’s funny, Karen. I always think of your blog as a writer’s blog, although I do enjoy the way you write about your family. The term “mommy/mummy blogger” seems to have quite a strong gravitational pull, doesn’t it?

  2. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    Call me a Luddite (or whatever word accurately applies, probably not Luddite), but I don’t think I’ve ever read Where The Wild Things Are. And if I have, I never owned the book and couldn’t tell you what the story is about. I feel lame about that. But whatever – I can’t read EVERYTHING!!!
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Watch Out Boy, She’ll Chew You Up =-.

  3. Susan

    I only vaguely recalled “Wild Things” from my own childhood. We must have borrowed it from the library. But I got it for my son when he was a wee thing, and he loved it (so). I find myself alternately excited and then frightened about the movie. It looks so good, but then I wonder how they can make a movie about such a short little picture book. But then I hear about all the cool stuff they did and get excited again, and then I remember the Cat in the Hat movie and I cry.

    And then I slap myself, because really.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..20 July – Which? What? Who? =-.

  4. Tania McCartney

    What a wonderful rundown – thanks, Susan!
    .-= Tania McCartney´s last blog ..Une Maison Francaise =-.

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