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Review: One-Piece Wearables by Sheila Brennan

Review: One-Piece Wearables by Sheila BrennanOne-piece Wearables by Sheila Brennan
Published by Quarry Books on 2008
Genres: craft, non-fiction
Pages: 144
Source: Purchased
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15 Patterns Included! Simple but elegant fashions requiring minimal sewing and cutting! Each modern and stylish piece is made using a single pattern piece, which is then snipped, trimmed, twisted, folded, and stitched. Each garment is accessible to even those with little sewing experience but also novel and appealing enough to attract experienced sewers. Projects provide readers with the inspiration and instruction to make customized, versatile wardrobe pieces that can be made in any range of fabrics and worn in combination or alone for a variety of style and fashion effects. Each project featured in this book is made from a single pattern piece. Requiring minimal investment, simple sewing techniques, cutting, and creative yet simple folding, fashions can be made out of a range of fabrics providing limitless styles for each pattern. Many pieces can be worn multiple ways and in many different combinations with other pieces, ensuring endless style variations and to create an all-purpose wardrobe for all occasions.

As part of my recent renewed interest in sewing, I have purchased several sewing books. One of the second wave of purchases (after first borrowing the book from the local library) is One-Piece Wearables by Sheila Brennan.

The title of this book appealed to me as the thought of fiddly paper patterns makes me break out in a cold sweat. I really enjoy sewing, but my previous experience has been largely with patchwork projects where I have had to simply cut multiple pieces of the same size, arrange them in the appropriate order and then sew them all together.

All the projects in this book require only one piece to be cut from the selected piece of material. Paper patterns are still required (15 full-size patterns are provided with the book) but the possibility of piecing the items together incorrectly is avoided by having only one piece of material to work with. Sounds good to me.

There is a surprising range of items given the “one-piece” restriction. Patterns include jackets, summer dresses, halter tops, jackets, robes, skirts, tops, bags and other items. While I’m not quite willing to risk my modesty to a home-made bikini, there is also a pattern for this for anyone with more confidence in their sewing ability.

I would like to note that Meredith has declined my offer to make her a hooded scarf with pockets. Just want to get that out there in case she complains later that she isn’t benefiting from my sewing skills.

The illustrations resemble 70’s pattern packets, which is a shame because most of the items are quite contemporary and with the right material selection would make great fashion items for teens and early 20s. Each item includes easy to follow instructions with illustrations, general tips, recommended fabrics and fabric patterns and suggested variations. There is also information about basic sewing skills.

Other titles recommended by this publisher include:

  • Jean Therapy by Scatha G Allison with Marla Stefanelli
  • Sweater Surgery by Stefanie Girard
  • Altered Clothing by Kathleen Maggio

This last title in particular interests me and I would love to know if anyone who owns it would recommend it.

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  1. Therabreath

    You must really love sewing to have acquired all of those books. But with this One-Piece Wearables, I, too became interested. Some part of me says I want to do sewing as a hobby. I can repair but I don’t know how long it will take me to learn putting pieces of fabrics together to make a dress. But these are the things I really enjoy. I hope to find more people to help me on this.
    .-= Therabreath´s last blog ..Therabreath Plus Coupons =-.

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