Aug 03

3rd August 2009 – Which? What? Who?

The kids returned to school last week after three weeks of school holidays. In the heady euphoria of my almost freedom (still one child at home), I must confess that I didn’t achieve all that much over the past week.

There were whole minutes that went past where I just sat quietly and basked in the joy that is not listening to kids arguing about who gets to sit on the stripy cushion. That’s right folks. I have three children and I only bought one stripy cushion. What was I thinking?

Book Discussion
Segueing sort of smoothly from a discussion of my children to a discussion of the Worst Children’s Books Ever at The American Scene, I found this article and the following discussion are quite interesting. I can’t say that The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein offended my sensibilities all that much, but then again it also wouldn’t make it into my personal list for Children’s Book favourites either.

I am bothered by one of the comments about Eric Carle books. How could you not love Eric Carle? I remember reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a child and have read it with all three of my children as well. Someone didn’t like Dr Seuss’ The Lorax either, which I also think is a fantastic book. I’m not sure which children’s books I would list as the worst ever? What about you?

Peter Craven at The Age newspaper discussed the project of two 19-year old University of Chicago students who are planning to Tweet classic literature. Is this the end of literature as we know it? A Twit-travesty, twit-trend or twit-who-really-cares? Is any attention given to classics a good thing or is this undermining everything that actually makes them great? As a lover of words and a well-turned phrase, it isn’t really my thing, but I can see the attraction as a literary exercise of sorts.

Just finished reading something great and not sure where to turn next? Let Book Seer offer you some guidance. Enter the title and author of the book you have just read and you will be given a list of suitable titles to consider next. If I didn’t have a towering TBR pile to solve this problem for me, I would definitely be visiting this site for suggestions.

If you’re looking for a book giveaway to enter, try Better World Books Blog. Until 7th August, you can enter their competition to win a $20 book voucher every month for 12 months as well as some other great prizes by simply following them on Twitter (@BWBooks) and tweeting their competition details (supplied on the BWB blog).

Fave Book Blogs
I haven’t visited may blogs this week, so I will simply recommend that everyone visit My Friend Amy’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week sites. Make sure you vote for your favourite book blogs and let some of the fantastic bloggers out there know that you appreciate their efforts to promote great books and authors. Don’t forget to join in the BBAW meme as well.

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