Aug 04

Donna Hay Magazine

Donna Hay Kids' Magazine (Annual 6, 2009)I have discovered Donna Hay.

Not literally, obviously, as I can only assume that others have noticed that Donna Hay has produced a startling large range of cookbooks etc. The number of sales and regular appearance of new titles would indicate that there are at least a few other people out there who have noticed what she is about.

What I mean is that after years of studiously avoiding what seemed to me to be too-perfect-to-be-practical recipe books and magazines, I have finally actually purchased one and discovered it isn’t anywhere as intimidating as I initially thought.

Someone on Twitter mentioned the Donna Hay Kids’ Magazine issue, specifically a rather cool mad scientist themed kids’ party, and I thought I would check it out. I bought that issue and the current standard issue and have already cooked several recipes from both.

At the moment I have a lemon mascarpone cheesecake cooking in the oven and last night I made cheesy bacon Donna Hay Magazine June/July 2009meatloaf for dinner. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

The Kids’ Magazine particularly has converted me to a Donna Hay fan. A majority of the recipes will be suitable for my 10 year old to cook for the family. While the decorations and accessories for the themed parties featured are a little beyond my budget and energy levels, the recipes are fantastic and there are some great ideas. The birthday cakes are eye-catching but simple and the party food would no doubt be a great hit, even without the perfect styling.

I will confess that the food styling in both magazines still intimidates me a little. I’m a good cook, but presentation has never been my forte. I’m trying to ignore the perfectly arranged raspberries cascading down the side of an artfully stacked pile of pikelets and the whiter-than-white dishes, tablecloths and serviettes.

The Donna Hay website has links to recent books and magazines (including subscription information) as well as recipes and special offers. My cookbook obsession might extend to buying a copy of No Time to Cook, a cookbook she released late last year, and I might ask for a Donna Hay subscription for my birthday.

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