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Book Review: Lauren Luke Looks by Lauren Luke

Title: Lauren Luke Looks
Lauren Luke
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, 2009 (205 pages)
ISBN: 978-0-340-99784-0
Topic: make-up application, celebrity looks

Lauren Luke Make-Up TutorialsSummary (Hachette Australia website)

‘I just love colour! I have always been excited by colourful make-up and the endless amount of different looks you can create with it. I love the way it can bring out the best in everyone.’

Lauren Luke is an internet phenomenon. Her make-up tutorials, filmed in her bedroom have attracted a staggering 36 million [and counting…] hits on YouTube. Growing up, Lauren had a tough time at school and began experimenting with makeup to fit in. And so began a lifelong love affair with cosmetics and the art of transformation. One day she decided to share her passion with friends online and became a sensation.

The great thing about Lauren is she is just an ordinary 27 year old woman – but arm her with a glittery eye shadow and a shimmer lip-gloss and she can show you how to show off your best features or recreate a celebrity’s latest look in ten minutes flat. Everyone has bits they love about their face, and other parts they’d rather conceal, and Lauren will show you how to make the most of what you’ve got. Just like sitting down with your best friend for a makeover session, Lauren’s book is brimming with fresh ideas and packed with insider beauty tips and tricks of the trade.


I’ve mentioned more than once before that I’m a bit of a fashion tragic. My clothing of choice is a T-shirt and jeans and make-up usually involves foundation and lipstick. My hairdresser and I have sadly agreed that I am hair-style retarded and we just do the best we can.

Given the above facts, I am able to say with some degree of expertise that Lauren Luke’s book is one that is suitable for women with a full range of make-up application skills ranging from competant down to “highlighter? Isn’t that a type of pen?”. The writing style is encouraging and positive, instructions are given in a clear step-by-step format and the accompanying photographs ensure that even I can understand exactly what needs to be done.

While I may not be racing out to purchase products to turn me from freelance-writer-mum to Katie Perry-clone, there are a range of everyday and more formal make-up looks that appeal to me. Armed with Lauren’s tips, I might even be able to finally overcome my “panda-eyes” eyeliner woes.

As helpful as the make-up tips are, I found this book appealing for another reason. In the introduction, Lauren shares her story of a lonely childhood and self-esteem issues in high school that led to a teenage pregnancy. Lauren’s decision to support herself and her son using her passion for make-up and her own ingenuity is an inspiring one. It is encouraging to read a real-life story of success coming from hard-work, determination and passion. Well done Lauren, you deserve the success you have achieved.

Tips on choosing the correct make-up colours, basic skin care and how to highlight strengths and conceal flaws as well as achieving a variety of looks make this is a great book for teenagers beginning to experiment with make-up as well as any woman who wants to get the most from her appearance.

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