Feb 06

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

A few weeks ago I finally took the plunge and enrolled in a university degree. With my youngest child starting school in 2010, I’ve decided to tackle some of the challenges that have been on hold for the past few years.

I have enrolled in an Arts degree with Macquarie University online through the Open Universities website. All far too easy – click here, fill in this field and before you know it, you’re enrolled.

It has been a few years since I last attempted university studies. Although I know several women who have completed uni degrees while caring for their young children, I’ve never been able to find quite the right balance when the kids were young. I clearly remember sitting in a hospital bed the day after my younger son was born completing an assignment that was due at the end of the week and two months later trying to complete a three hour written exam while breast-feeding. Ahh, fun times indeed.

Now that all three of my children are at school, the plan is that I will have time during the day to complete my studies. Whether this will actually work remains to be seen. I am choosing to believe the university when they tell me I will only require 10 hours per week to complete all the necessary reading and assignments. After all, why would they lie to me?

I’m going to keep track of my progress at uni here on Reading Upside Down. The core subject stream for my degree is Critical and Cultural Studies and I’m looking forward to the interesting range of subjects included in both the degree and the range of electives I can choose. I’m starting out with one subject per term and the first subject is Text, Image & Culture which is due to start officially on the 1st March.

Wish me luck!

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  1. An Idle Dad

    Good luck! Love to know if it is ten hours a week or if it blows out during exam times!

    Hurray for education!

  2. Meredith

    Soozey-Q’s going back to school! Yippee! Looking forward to proofreading your essays with a big red pen, although wish you’d do some German so I could really attack it, Mrs Atkin-style. 😀
    .-= Meredith ´s last blog ..The Tracks of My Tears =-.

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