Feb 10

Who Listens To The Radio?

Radio Preparation 1918Who listens to the radio? Well, hopefully lots of people were tuned in to ABC Newcastle today to listen to me chat with the super amazing Carol Duncan and Meredith (from Oh, The Thinks You Can Think).

What? You didn’t hear our scintillating conversation? Never fear. Carol Duncan has made the audio file available at Afternoons with Carol Duncan.

There were several issues raised during our conversation that I will no doubt write about in the near future, but the thing that has struck me the most is the way in which the old-fashioned medium of the ‘wireless’ has adapted to new technology.

Firstly, there was the delightful twist our conversation took thanks to some tweets by Jayne Kearney (@indydreaming) and Meredith’s husband. Thanks to their input, which Carol was able to access while we were chatting, Meredith delighted us all with her Chewbacca impersonation. I kid you not. Given the opportunity to share her deepest and most inspiring thoughts with the world via the airwaves, Meredith simply growled like a wookie. You just can’t take some people out in public.

I should mention (because if I don’t, Meredith will be really cross) that Meredith did in fact contribute some very interesting remarks. That’s hardly surprising though. After all, we were there to chat with Carol about our role as bloggers and writers and Meredith is, generally speaking, a rather insightful and intelligent individual.

The thing that really caught my attention, however, was that Carol could be chatting with us and adapting the conversation to feature the input of listeners at the same time. For an ‘old-fashioned’ form of communication, I think that’s quite impressive.

I’m also impressed that Carol could then make an audio file available for download on her own blog at the ABC Radio Newcastle website. Listen live or at your own convenience. Doesn’t get much better than that. No, wait it does. I can also download the file and store it on my iPod, can’t I? Doing that will mean I can play back Meredith’s Chewbacca impression whenever and wherever I want. Now that is truly impressive.

There seems to be a ‘then and now’ concept when referring to technology. ‘Then’ is old and outdated, ‘Now’ is new and functional (until next week when it will join the old and outdated class and be replaced by something even newer and more functional). I loved the experience of being part of something that merges an older technology with something new and dynamic.

Thanks again Carol for the opportunity to chat today. I had a great time.

Summary of Today’s Radio Experience

  • Morning tea to give us the sugar boost we needed to get through the afternoon: $10.50
  • Parking meter charges to park in Newcastle West at ABC radio: $2.00
  • Sitting next to Meredith as she performed her wookie impersonation on live radio: priceless!
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  1. Carol

    It is all true. Your ABC is not ‘just’ a radio station. Good isn’t it!

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