Jun 24

I Love You Twitter

Follow Me on TwitterI find myself mentioning Twitter more and more often in general conversation of late. After sitting mesmerised by my computer screen last night and again this morning as I watched #spill unfold, I went to be wondering how I ever managed without my Tweeps to keep me informed and entertained.

So, to avoiding writing a serious post about today’s political events, I’m going to list all the reasons I love Twitter.

Hashtag Discussions of Significant Events
Whether it’s #spill/#spillard, #WorldCup2010 or #JustinBieber, I get to supplement my meagre knowledge of politics, sport, celebrity or the event/crisis du jour by eavesdropping on more knowledgeable and/or entertaining people chat about it. Sometimes I add my own comments, other times I just watch and learn. (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually followed a discussion on Justin Bieber. I just want to make that clear. Not that I’m judging, but… well, actually, yes I am.)

Hashtag TV
Watching #Masterchef, #QandA #Greys, #Lost, #origin football? If you are, you can curl up on the lounge with your laptop/iPhone and chat with fellow tweeps watching the same show. If you can’t be bothered, you can simply follow the tweets to know how it all ends and save yourself some time. Win-Win.

No Virtual Reality Games
I know that Mafia Wars did temporarily infiltrate Twitter, but it was much easier to ignore than repeated gifts of a calf or sheaf of wheat for my farm in Farmville or invitations to dine at CafeWorld. You know I love you too, Facebook friends, but you do realise that your Farmville farm isn’t real, don’t you?

Following Followers (or not)
You want to follow me? Fine. Go ahead. I only need to follow the people I find interesting or entertaining (or both). Tweet about what you had on your toast for breakfast and I’ll leave you to it without cluttering my Twitter stream with your comments. If only I could filter all my social interactions this way.

Hashtag games
I rarely join in, but I’ve enjoyed many of the hashtag games that regularly do the Twitter rounds. #LesserMovies #GreaterNovels #SpillMovies #FishMovies – there are some seriously quick-witted people out there and I thank you all for the many laughs you’ve given me.

Brushing shoulders with Celebrity
On Twitter, I get to rub shoulders with ‘celebrity’. I’m not talking about being one of Oprah’s gazillion followers, but rather actually interacting with various public figures (authors, politicians, journalists etc) in a meaningful way, even if it is only a one-off tweet or comment. 

Finding My Tribe
I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow the whole process of interacting on Twitter seems to draw together people with similar interests and complementary personalities. I’ve met people from all over Australia and all over the world with various backgrounds that have become friends – not e-friends, but genuine friends. I’ve been encouraged and supported, entertained, shared insights and information and simply had my world improved and made more interesting by some amazing people that I would never have met otherwise.

Do you love Twitter? Hate it? Don’t understand what all the fuss is about? Leave a comment and let me know why.

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  1. Bern

    I love it. Think pretty soon I will be attending Twitter Rehab. I am a news junkie and just find it so far in front of generic news sites and TV these days.

    Plus, like you, even though a year ago I would have thought meeting people over the internet was for lunatics or the desperate, I realise it’s just a great way, so you say “to meet your tribe”. Either that or I am a desperate lunatic. #quitepossible
    .-= Bern´s last blog ..HAPPY EOFY =-.

    1. Susan

      My husband assures me that you can’t trust people you only know over the internet. “They’re all 150kg ex-cons with personal hygiene issues” he’ll say. Yeah, whatever. As long as they are willing to chat with me, I don’t care. Does that make me a desperate lunatic too? #TheMoreTheMerrier

      Note: I’ve started thinking in hashtags even when I’m not near a computer. I think that means Rehab is calling my name.

  2. Suey

    I sometimes love it. I sometimes hate it.

    I do agree with the brushing of celebrity though. It’s a strange strange sensation!
    .-= Suey´s last blog ..Review: Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles =-.

    1. Susan

      My husband just rolls his eyes when I see someone on TV or mentioned in the news and say “I was chatting with them on Twitter”.

    2. Bern

      My husbands computer and internet knowledge doesn’t extend beyond googling “tits” so yeah, he’s the same. He’ll come round. #orhewont
      .-= Bern´s last blog ..HAPPY EOFY =-.

  3. Marg

    I was quite resistant to joining in on Twitter because I really didn’t need another timesuck, but once I was there, oh boy, I loved it!

    It has enabled me to get to know other bloggers who I knew a little bit so much better, introduced me to new people from all around the world, and yes, entertained me immensely.

    I love being on Twitter when news breaks because it is so organic in the way it spreads, and it is so interesting to see what people’s reactions are instantly.
    .-= Marg´s last blog ..Teaser Tuesday: War and Peace by Tolstoy =-.

  4. Seraphimsp

    I am obsessed with twitter and hashtagging. But I suspect you know that about me #twittergroupie
    .-= Seraphimsp´s last blog ..An exercise in humility =-.

  5. The NDM

    I love twitter. The (online) company of witty people all engaged in lively discussion about #spills and #JustinBieber or even #spillsalloverJustinBieber? What’s not to love?

    There are days, though, when I feel like I’m just shouting in a huge room full of people, who are also shouting.

    PS. I used to particularly love p0rnbot-baiting – saying things about my cat just to see how many p0rn bots would follow me. I kind of miss BrITnEy FuCCKd and Shelly Ryan but I reckon I will get over it.
    .-= The NDM´s last blog ..Guess Hughs Coming To Dinner =-.

  6. life in a pink fibro

    When I first wandered into Twitter, I quickly backed out of the room, thinking it was for lunatics. I came back at the gentle persuasion of a friend, and felt like I’d wandered into a dinner party where everyone was cooler, funnier and had better shoes than I did. If a tweet falls off the tweetstream, will anybody care?

    Now, I love it. And I’m signing up for twitter rehab just so I can get some of my IRL life back. I also wish there were awards for #creativehashtags because there are geniuses out there working in this field.
    .-= life in a pink fibro´s last blog ..Once upon a time, I loved living small =-.

  7. Rachel

    I also love twitter. I sat up late the night Rudd did his press conference and announced the ballot just reading the hashtags.. then yesterday, I was glued to the TV and twitter ALL day as events unfolded. I have an addiction.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..I have been featured on Book Bloggers Abroad! =-.

  8. Kylie L

    Oh, me too! Great blog. I had to be forced into Twitter by my publisher and @indydreaming, but am so glad I was… for someone who loves words and peoople, and spends a lot of her working hours all alone Twitter is just a beautiful, addicitive, messy, glorious thing.
    I think (hope) I’ve made real friends on Twitter. I’ve met writers whose work I admire and every so often they talk to *me*, which I love- Charlotte Woods, Nick Earls, Rebecca Sparrow, Randy Susan Mayer. I’ve become friensd with other writers in the same boat as myself (first novels and so on), and as I knwo only one writer IRL thsi has been invaluable- the chance to vent and problem solve with people who GET IT. I get pointed to fabulous links and blogs and opportunities on Twitter. I have also gained a few new readers for my own book and got some publicity for it through generous tweeps like yourself… it’s all good.

    …Except for the 2 hours a day I lose, but I’m working on that. Aren’t we all?!