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Book Review: Mirror by Jeannie Baker

Mirror by Jeannie BakerSummary (Walker Books website)

Two diverse cultures, countries and families are linked with warmth and charm in this two-in-one picture book.

This innovative picture book comprises two stories designed to be read simultaneously – one from the left, the other from the right. Page by page, we experience a day in the lives of two boys and their families. An Australian family, whose way of life strikes a familiar chord, and a family from a far away country with a way of life that differs more than one can imagine. As we read we discover the simple truth that despite these differences we are all the same. We are the mirror of each other.


I am not, by nature, the kind of person that gushes over things, but I am willing to make an exception for this incredible picture book.

I love Jeannie Baker’s work and I was looking forward to the release of her latest book, Mirror, with great anticipation. I was particularly excited when I discovered that the artworks from Mirror would be on display at the Museum of Sydney and that Jeannie would be there to sign books on the 22nd August. So excited that I packed the rest of my family in the car and headed to Sydney for the day so that we could meet her and view the artworks up close and personal.

The exhibition is amazing. It will be travelling around Australia over the next two years, visiting several capital cities as well as Newcastle. To see if it is coming to a city near you, take a look at the exhibitions listing on Jeannie Baker’s website. It is definitely worth the effort of visiting if you can.

I love the format of this book, that you can fold the two stories out so that they can be ‘read’ side by side. Even after numerous readings, I am still finding new details that are reflected within the two stories.

I will confess to being more than a little bit in awe of Jeannie’s talent and I am so grateful that she has chosen to put together her thoughtful and thought-provoking artworks into picture book form so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you’ve never read any of Jeannie’s books, Mirror is a wonderful place to start. We also love Window and Belonging.

Review Copy Details
Title: Mirror
Author/Illustrator: Jeannie Baker
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4063-0914-0
Genre: Picture book

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  1. Susan, the Book Chook

    I loved it too. My review was probably gushy, but it’s hard not to gush about such a wonderful work of art. I am so envious that you got to the exhibition!
    .-= Susan, the Book Chook´s last blog ..Save the Words =-.

    1. Susan

      The exhibition is travelling around Australia over the next two years, so you might still get the chance to see it. Definitely worth the effort. I’ve just organised an interview with Jeannie Baker for next week. Trying to stay calm and make sure I don’t end up simply gushing about how amazing she is when I chat with her. 🙂

  2. Dr. Shelagh Robinson

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    The wonderful part is when we read Mirror Read books in big mirrors with little buddies (like in bathroom mirrors!), the eye contacts are enchanting, and the eye smiles are heart-warming.
    While not yet available in bookstores in Australia, they will be coming soon. All you have to do is ask for them where you like to buy children’s books, or order them directly from our website: http://www.mirrorread.com.
    Check out the Gallery of parents reading with kids in mirrors – so adorable!
    Dr. Shelagh Robinson
    Mirror Read

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