Sep 02

Feel Them Up Friday

I'm going pink for #FeelThemUpFridayThanks to the wonderful Sarah (@SeraphimSP) and Carol (@CarolDuncan) the Twitterverse has united to raise awareness of a very important cause.

On Friday September 3rd, Carol and Sarah are asking tweeps to turn their avatars pink and join them in promoting breast self-examination.

Both Carol and Sarah know women that have been impacted by breast cancer (click on their names to go to their blog posts about #FeelThemUpFriday). In one of those co-incidences that happens so often in Newcastle, the young swim instructor that so inspired Carol is my cousin.

For me, breast cancer came a step closer last year when my mother was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ which resulted in two attempts at lumpectomy before my mother finally chose to have a complete mastectomy.

My mother’s cancer wasn’t clearly visible on mammography. She had to progress to fine needed biopsy before there was a clear diagnosis. If she hadn’t been aware of her own body and the changes that had occurred, her treatment might not have been so timely nor her prognosis as positive as it is.

Many years ago when I lived in Orange I went along to a women’s health talk where the guest speaker greeted us by handing around some ‘sample’ breasts and telling us all to ‘have a good feel’. Most of the demonstration breasts contained at least one lump and we were encouraged to see if we could find them. In the beginning we were a bit self-concious, but it didn’t take too long for people to relax and it was amazing as we chatted to discover that the only women who did check their breasts regularly were those who had close encounters with breast cancer through friends and/or family.

Breast self-examination is free and it could mean an early detection and diagnosis that could save your life. Why wouldn’t you check regularly?

Not sure what to do? The Breast Cancer Australia website has an easy to follow guide to breast self-examination.

Join the pink revolution on Twitter this week to help raise awareness of breast health. Follow the #FeelThemUpFriday chat on Friday. I’m sure it will be not only informative but highly entertaining and probably just a little bit naughty at times. Do yourself and others a favour by promoting breast health awareness.

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  1. Bern

    Even if it gets one of us to go when we would have put it off, it’s a great success.

    Sorry to hear about your Mum, lucky she’s in tune with her body.

    I had one of those fine needle biopsy’s at the beginning of the year. It hurt like a mo-fo but worth if for peace of mind.xxx
    .-= Bern´s last blog ..BEAUTIFUL IS AS BEAUTIFUL DOES =-.

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