Sep 30

Well Begun is Half Done

Searching for writing inspiration? Looks like I'm not the only one.After my moments of great inspiration and motivation last week, I was unfortunately side-tracked by my everyday life. You know the drill – lunchboxes to fill, clothes to wash (and fold and iron and put away), meals to prepare, chocolate to eat – the list goes on.

I’ve been kind of stalled recently with my writing. I have so much to do, but I’ve had trouble getting started with anything. I want to write more blog posts, but find myself lacking inspiration when I sit down to write them. I have a stack of books that I need to write reviews for and even more that I still need to read. I have uni essays to write and, most importantly, a book draft that needs some editing, re-writing and tweaking so that it can be finalised in the very near future.

You’d think that with all this work waiting, I’d be hunched over my keyboard from day to night trying to get the work done, but instead I find myself mindlessly browsing in he pantry or staring off into space waiting for inspiration to come and tap me on the shoulder. In my defence, I do have some health issues that are making my brain a little fuzzy right now, but that really isn’t a good enough excuse to not be achieving anything.

After a very, very slow start to the week, I have finally been productive today and I have to say, Mary Poppins and apparently Aristotle were right. ‘Well begun is half done’. Once I started writing, the momentum built and I actually achieved quite a lot today. I’ve written three reviews for Suite, have finally finished writing up my interview of Jeannie Baker for Kids Book Review and I’ve written this blog post. I’ve also spent some time sorting out some details for my manuscript, which I will be able to get stuck into tomorrow.

If only I had turned to the wisdom of Ms Poppins sooner, I might not have a pile of review books that are constantly threatening to avalanche and bury an unsuspecting passerby and my co-author wouldn’t be filing missing persons reports on me because I haven’t returned any of her emails.

So, I’ve begun well and I’m hoping that the momentum continues so that I really can be ‘half done’ with my very long list of writing tasks awaiting my attention.

What tasks do you simply need to stop putting off and get started on? Please share so that I don’t feel quite so pathetic.

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  1. Bern Morley

    Paying my bills. Hopeless. No reason not to, just have a little bit of a mental block about it.

    Oh and finishing the last two subjects of my course. 8/10 done, now it’s like I can’t even open the textbook.

    I’m a self destructer.

    Glad you made headway today and hope you are OK x
    .-= Bern Morley´s last blog ..LET THE SUN SHINE IN =-.

    1. Susan

      What course are you studying Bern? I’ve enrolled at uni this year but keep getting so caught up in everything else I end up trying to complete assignments in the 48 hours before they are due (including reading the relevant notes). Not good. I thought mature age students were supposed to be more responsible than that.

      Here’s to paying bills on time and getting the job done!

  2. Rachel

    What am I putting off right now?

    The three online university quizzes I am supposed to be doing. Starting my essay. Getting my eyes tested. Calling Telstra about the bill they sent me, when I don’t even have an account with them. Shopping for new summer shoes which I need. Finishing trying to track down the broken links in my family tree, which I started years ago. Contacting a family member I barely know about this. Visiting the in laws. Actually planning our wedding instead of just talking about it. Removing that horrid colour nail polish from my toe nails. Writing that novel I have been wanting to write since I was a child. Actually making more of an active effort to get a better job instead of just complaining about it. Stop talking about getting fit and losing weight and actually do something about it.

    Yesterday morning, you could have added get a haircut and meet my cousin for lunch, after saying ‘yeah we will meet up’ since April.. but I actually got those two things done yesterday.

    Lol …. I am Queen of Procrastination. If there were a degree in it, I would ACE it!

    Feel better now?
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Death Du Jour – Kathy Reichs =-.

    1. Rachel

      After this post.. and my stupidly long response I removed my nail polish and called Telstra 😉 hahaha thanks Susan! Two things I can cross off that list.
      .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Death Du Jour – Kathy Reichs =-.

      1. Susan

        Yay! Nice to know writing about my procrastination has inspired someone else to action! 🙂

    2. Susan

      Wow. Lots of the things on your list are on mine too. Maybe we should team up. 🙂

  3. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    The housework – always! Especially the ensuite.

    I enjoy your blog and I am passing on the Versatile Blogger Award.

    1. Susan

      Thanks for the award ShelleyRae. I will write my award post soon. Glad you enjoyed visiting here at Reading Upside Down. 🙂

  4. life in a pink fibro

    My Things I Put Off Regularly list is even longer than my To Do list. Glad you got a start!
    .-= life in a pink fibro´s last blog ..Have you got a family password =-.

    1. Susan

      My To Do List is a serious and complicated thing consisting of nested sublists and complex cross-referencing. Maybe I need to add a ‘Things I Put Off Regularly’ category as well…