Oct 06

The Ghosts of Fashion Past

Inspired by this recent Retro-styled post by Meredith at Oh, The Thinks you can Think about her childhood fashion faux pas, I have searched through my photos to see what I could come up with. It was the 70s, so the chances of finding something truly atrocious were reasonably high.

I was actually searching for a specific photo. This is the photo that I will be keeping in mind when my mother is old and feeble and I am responsible for choosing her clothing, which will probably be something in loud, floral-print polyester. If you’re reading this Mum, I want you to remember that when you’re trying to work out why you are wearing bright red slacks with an orange and pink print blouse. It’s called karma.

So, here it is. Apologies for the dodgy photography. We’ll blame the 70s for that, as we can for so many other things.

Gold and chocolate brown stripes. Nice.This stylish chocolate brown and gold-striped vest and trouser ensemble was made by my grandmother. The vests were actually satin-lined. My grandmother was obviously having a moment when she chose the material, but otherwise the clothing was beautifully made. I guess I can’t blame my mother for the outfits, since it was her mother-in-law who actually made them. I guess I’ll just have to blame her for the red sandals with white socks that I am wearing with the brown and gold suit. *shudder*

As proof of my grandmothers’ talent, let me show you Exhibit B, a photo of myself and my sister. The blue crocheted dress worn by my sister was made by one grandmother and the pink and maroon knitted dress I am wearing was made by the other. I think both look quite cute.

A nice childhood fashion memory

I’ve enjoyed searching through the old photos to find these gems. I’ll have to some more in the future, as there are some wonderful (and when I say ‘wonderful’, I mean ‘truly hideous’) fashion moments to share.

Since Meredith closed with an image of her father in what I can only hope and pray is fancy dress (nice fishnets Mr G), I will finish this post with a photo of an undisclosed male senior family member (not my father) who is also hopefully in fancy dress.

Who is that masked man?

Do you have some appalling fashions from your childhood to share? Please join in the fun and blog about it then leave a link here and at Oh, the Thinks you can Think so that we can share the scary fashion love. 🙂

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  1. The NDM

    Looking at your photos, I realise I don’t dress my children in matching clothing anywhere near enough.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Melissa

    Your 70’s photos look like my 70’s photos!!! but even scarier are the ones from the 80’s. Shoulder pads, bubble skirts, velour jump suits and perms!!!

    1. Susan

      I’m working my way up to the 80s. I can blame my mother for 70s fashion crimes. I have to take some responsibility for those that occurred in the 80s. 🙂

  3. Melissa

    Also, I think I can top the ‘grandma made me a…’ story. My grandma knitted me a hat out of plastic bread wrappers. True!

    1. Susan

      A plastic bread-wrapper hat? Noice! Do you still have it? You could make it a special family heirloom to hand down through the generations.

  4. Cate Pearce

    More fab pics, loving it. My grandmother made lots of clothes for me too…. out of what I suspect was SUPPOSED to be curtain material.
    .-= Cate Pearce´s last blog ..The Year of Blogging Dangerously =-.

    1. Susan

      Well if curtain material was good enough for Scarlett O’Hara…

  5. Meredith @ thinkthinks

    You and your sister could have started a Jackson 5 type family band in those brown & yellow suits. Except not cool, obviously.
    .-= Meredith @ thinkthinks´s last blog ..Retro-styled =-.

    1. Susan

      Not cool at all, unfortunately.

      At least I’m not wearing a knitted bonnet…

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