Dec 14

Do You Enjoy Poetry?

Does poetry stir your imagination?I’m rather unpredictable when it comes to poetry.

I enjoy many of the mainstream poetry ‘classics’ – Wordsworth, Keats, Donne, Coleridge for example. I loved studying them at school and have continued to read them periodically for pleasure. I still giggle at the bawdy humour of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and love the poetry of Shakespeare.

I enjoy some of the Australian classic poets as well – Banjo, of course, and others. I love the text and subtext present in many of their works.

Moving on to more modern poets, I’m a bit hit and miss. Maybe I’m just too superficial to appreciate the embedded meaning. One of my all time favourite poets is Dr Seuss, which probably gives a reasonably accurate indication of my level of poetic maturity. Tweetle Beetle Battle indeed.

So, imagine my surprise when a link to a poem titled ‘Sydney’s Siberia’ by Jason Nelson led me to something so amazing that I am actually blogging about it. Me. Blogging about poetry. The world really is a wild and unpredictable place.

According to the website A State of Writing,

Sydney’s Siberia is an infinitely zooming, mosaic generating, entirely interactive artwork that explores Newcastle through 121 poetic image tiles.

And to think that I simply described it as ‘awesome’. I am such a pleb.

Rather than have me describe the poem, you should visit Sydney’s Siberia and check it out for yourself. Keep clicking on the image to delve deeper and make sure you read the poetry as you go. The photos are images of Newcastle.

Re-tweeting the link to the poem led me into a discussion with author and poet Kat Apel, who invited me to join her Month of Poetry, challenging me to write a poem of some description every day for the month of January 2011. I’m not quite sure which one of us is crazier, her for asking or me for accepting, but if nothing else it looks like I will be starting the New Year with a creative challenge.

Do you enjoy poetry? Love it? Hate it? Dabble in the odd haiku behind closed doors? What do you think of Sydney’s Siberia?

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  1. life in a pink fibro

    I’m not a poetry fan I admit. I kind of stopped at TS Eliot, whom I do adore, it is true. One of my favourite bloggers, Stacia at My Fluffy Bunnies, writes a haiku every Friday and does them brilliantly. I tend to put together bawdy little sonnets of irregular pentameter. Good luck Susan!
    .-= life in a pink fibro´s last blog ..Tara Moss is in the Fibro =-.

  2. Pam

    I’m not like a children’s or Hallmark poetry person but I do love my sexy Pablo Neruda!

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