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Fox in Flats, Alex Perry and Me

So, can you guess the link between the amazing Andrea from Fox in Flats, designer Alex Perry and my good self? No? It’s sunglasses, of course (wasn’t it obvious?)

Today is the first day of #FABruary, the new style dare from style blogger extraordinaire, Andrea from Fox in Flats. After yesterday’s post about postponing the official start of my year until February 1st and my determination to take better care of myself, I couldn’t help but identify with Andrea’s motivation for creating a month-long style dare for February:

“It’s like January is the front door to the year – where you’re busy shaking off where you’ve been, and are caught up in a flurry of greetings, kisses and sweaty embraces. Which makes February the foyer. That spot where you look around, get your bearings, and prepare to make a dazzling entrance.

So to make sure we’re walking boldly into 2013, we’ve created another month-long Style Dare: FABruary.

The aim? To put the focus back on you, in little ways, to bring out your fabulousness!”

I saw Andrea’s prompt about her #FABruary dare a few weeks ago and decided to join in. I don’t have a great track record at following through with these things (I will finish a Fat Mum Slim PhotoADay challenge eventually, really I will). This time I was determined things would be different, however, because I am determined that I will be different this year.

All good so far. Andrea and I seem to be on the same page and she’s even timed her style challenge to fit in with my own official start to the year. In the past, I have loved taking part in the Fox in Flats style dares. I have often been inspired not only by Andrea’s challenge to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, but by the generosity of spirit behind the way she supports and encourages the many women who she connects with online. I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently thinking about heroes, and I will happily admit that Andrea is one of mine.

So, that’s all warm and fuzzy and sweet, but it still doesn’t explain Alex Perry, does it?

Ok. I’m all inspired by the gorgeous Andrea. I’m motivated and feeling that this is my time to take on a challenge and really follow through. I’m all ready to get started… and then I look at the first challenge – Sunglasses.

I don’t do sunglasses. I have prescription lenses that are reasonably expensive so I can avoid the whole bottom-of-the-Coke-bottle look. I generally get the photosensitive coating with the lenses so they darken when I’m outside in sunlight and go clear again once I’m inside. One pair – less cost, less hassle, less need to take a glasses case with me wherever I go.

And this is where Alex Perry comes in. Alex, with his designer sunglasses range for Specsavers and the ad where he admits his childhood disappointment that no-one ever designed a fabulous pair of sunglasses frames that could take his prescription.

Obviously, I’m not quite so in need of fabulousness as Mr Perry, because even as an adult I’m perfectly happy to stick with one pair of all-purpose frames rather than having to carry around sunglasses and go through a blind-as-a-bat transition while I change from one pair to another. Or maybe I’m just lazy. That’s definitely possible.

So there you go. The first day of #FABRuary and I’m already falling behind. I’m hoping that my rambling post mentioning sunglasses, and a designer of sunglasses, will be sufficient. Or I could just take a silly photo of myself wearing a pair of my daughter’s sunglasses. That could work too.

If you want to be part of the awesomeness that is a Fox in Flats style dare, visit Fox in Flats and check out the #FABruary style dare list. While you’re there, make sure you have a look around Andrea’s blog. I can guarantee you’ll love it.

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