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Nov 07

Review: Raven’s Mountain by Wendy Orr

I first watched Nim’s Island without realising that it was based on a novel by Wendy Orr, totally defying my usual Book Before The Movie mantra. My daughter and I read Nim’s Island together once I finally bought a copy and we both loved it, so I have been looking forward to reading Raven’s Mountain …

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Nov 11

Book Review: Rapscallion’s Revenge (Ranger in Danger)

Rapscallion's Revenge by Willmore & Reynolds

Summary (Five Mile Press) You decide your destiny. You’re off to the top end of Australia in disguise. Bring on the danger! Massive crocodiles, hungry sharks, wild pigs and uncharted shipwrecks… Can you capture the crocodile hunters, before they stalk you? And who is the mysterious Rapscallion? Your fate is in your hands. Comments I …

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Aug 30

Review: The Parfizz Pitch by Kate Hunter

I really enjoyed reading this modern story featuring a group of kids (early teens) solving a mystery and simply enjoying hanging out together over the summer school holidays. I loved the Australian setting, the humour and the very real way that the kids related to each other. As for the mystery at Parfitt’s, this had …

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Aug 30

Review: Conspiracy 365 Series by Gabrielle Lord

I’m not much of a thriller reader, probably because they are either chillingly realistic (defying my ‘reading as escapism’ mantra) or stretch the bounds of believability so far that my rather cynical nature kicks in and the flow of the story is broken by my continual eye rolling at yet another coincidence that saves/threatens the …

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Aug 27

Review: The Black Circle by Patrick Carman (The 39 Clues #5)

I know I’ve written about this series before, but with each new title I am once again reminded that this series is based on a fantastic concept. With the release of the The 39 Clues #5: The Black Circle, the series is now at the halfway mark with another 5 titles to be released over …

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Jun 13

Review: Riley and the Sleeping Dragon by Tania McCartney

Young Riley dreams about a strong and beautiful sleeping dragon. When he wakes and shares his dream with his mother, she tells him that there is a sleeping dragon in China that is believed to be 2000 years old. Plush panda in arms and ready for adventure, Riley sets off in his red plane to …

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Jun 02

Review: Arrival by Chris Morphew

The Phoenix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew

When Luke Hunter and his mother arrive in Phoenix, a town built in the Australian outback to house Shackleton Co-operative employees and their families, Luke feels uneasy about the town. His fears are soon realised when a series of strange events draw him and his two new friends Peter and Jordan into a dangerous search …

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Apr 12

The 39 Clues Junior Fiction Series

Cahill family members are shocked to discover that wealthy matriarch Grace Cahill’s will outlines an elaborate quest to decide who will become not only rich, but the new head of the powerful Cahill clan after her death. Those selected to participate in the quest must choose between the taking part and receiving the first of …

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