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Aug 02

Explaining the Sadness

Explaining the Sadness

I feel sad – sometimes with an overwhelming intensity, sometimes only vaguely, but the sadness is always, always there. The sadness slows me down, like a brake ensuring that moving forward takes more effort than it should. The situation that underpins my sadness is one that I feel helpless to change. Wonderful friends who are …

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Oct 02

Books, Words, Conversations and Remembering Why I Blog

Yesterday I had several conversations about books and writing.   I had a wonderful visit to MacLean’s, my local independent bookstore, where I chatted picture books and YA fiction with the owner for quite a while, as well as taking in two picture books (Engibear and Peter’s Railway) to show the staff should they have …

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Aug 20

Life, the Universe and Everything

Today is my birthday. My 42nd birthday, to be precise. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything. I see no reason why I shouldn’t base a personal life philosophy on a random idea in a work of fiction, so I have …

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Jun 13

Which Bank? Reflections on School Banking

I remember school banking when I was a child. I remember the grey bank books, the elephant-shaped money box and the weekly routine of putting my school bank book with 50c or $1 into the collection and the book coming back with a freshly inked stamp marking my deposit. And, of course, I remember the …

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Feb 04

Thinking about Friendships, Old and New

‘Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold’ So read the first two lines from a poster I was given at the end of Year 6, more years ago than I care to count. The poster was part of a graduation gift from the staff at my primary school, with …

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Feb 01

Fox in Flats, Alex Perry and Me

So, can you guess the link between the amazing Andrea from Fox in Flats, designer Alex Perry and my good self? No? It’s sunglasses, of course (wasn’t it obvious?) Today is the first day of #FABruary, the new style dare from style blogger extraordinaire, Andrea from Fox in Flats. After yesterday’s post about postponing the …

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Jan 31

An explanation, of sorts

There are lots of great things on the way this year, but it felt weird just launching into blogging again after such a long break without some kind of explanation. So, here it is: January was way too busy with family commitments and behind the scenes planning for me to get anything productive done on …

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Dec 19

The Power of Red Shoes

In the past week, I’ve worn my glorious sparkly red ‘grown-up Dorothy’ stilettos twice. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed the comments and, I’ll admit it, the envy from others. They are the kind of shoes that grab people’s attention. Every time I wear them, I go through a silent and intense debate beforehand. Maybe …

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Dec 14

NewyTwistmas and Why I am Grateful to Twitter

As a responsible, internet-savvy parent, I regularly remind my children about the importance of cyber safety. They don’t use photos of their own face in any avatars and never give out personal information about their age, school or where we live. All location services are turned off and under no circumstances do they ever organise …

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Jan 28

What My Lipsticks Say About Me


In an attempt to complete the De-clutter Challenge set by The Organised Housewife, I recently decided to de-clutter my cosmetics. Not a huge job, since I don’t use much make-up, but there were definitely some items that could be tossed. Yes, Mother’s Day Stall hand cream gift, I’m talking about you. After sorting through a …

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