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Oct 29

Shout Out: Children’s Book Bloggers

I was recently the feature blogger at the Newcastle Writes website. In several conversations since my profile was published, people have commented on the amount of time I volunteer to manage the Kids’ Book Review website. I head up a team of amazingly generous and knowledgeable contributors who also volunteer their time to the site, …

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Oct 02

Books, Words, Conversations and Remembering Why I Blog

Yesterday I had several conversations about books and writing.   I had a wonderful visit to MacLean’s, my local independent bookstore, where I chatted picture books and YA fiction with the owner for quite a while, as well as taking in two picture books (Engibear and Peter’s Railway) to show the staff should they have …

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Jun 25

I Really Should Blog About That…

It’s been a wonderfully bookish and writerly start to the year. I have attended author talks, book launches, writing workshops, a teacher/librarian conference and I have read a pile of fantastic books. I have been to the theatre, socialised with other writers and generally indulged in my obsession with books and words. Oh, I was …

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Aug 31

Choosing to Make a Difference

I sat up until 2am this morning trying to write a post about cyberbulling and the way that so many people seem to set their good manners, civility, compassion and general human decency aside the moment the sit in front of a computer screen and keyboard. by

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Jan 01

Reading Upside Down in 2012

My poor book blog has been sadly neglected this year. I’ve wanted to blog, but it just hasn’t happened. In 2012, I want to revive Reading Upside Down. I’m going to make a few changes to the way I approach it though. I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently and I think what I …

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Jun 01

There Must Be Something In The Air

A blog makeover? Sounds like the perfect excuse to celebrate.

Maybe it is a follow on effect from the Aussie Bloggers Conference, but there seems to be quite a bit of blog launching and blog re-launching in the air. Monday, the super amazing Kelly re-launched her new look Be a Fun Mum blog only weeks after launching a her new Very Jane Austen Blog. Yesterday, …

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Apr 17

It’s All a Matter of Timing

It's all a Matter of Timing

I have a terrible sense of timing. I blame this timing-deficit for many things – my lack of sporting prowess, my inability to tell a joke, my limitations on the dance floor and my uncanny ability to purchase an item just before it becomes available at a bargain price. My timing issues have affected me …

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Apr 15

When The Words Won’t Come

Writing Frustration

I’ve had a very frustrating week, writing-wise. I’ve had a gazillion great ideas for posts here, articles at Suite101 and posts for my new blog Living Upside Down (launching in May). I’ve gone to bed each night with words dancing about in my brain and I’ve wished for a chinograph pencil in the shower each …

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Apr 01

Who Am I?

Who am I?

I’ve really enjoyed reading through the comments on my recent posts about Mummy Bloggers, Blog Awards and Blogging Success. There have been some really interesting points made and I have been nice to discover that I’m not the only one who has been pondering the meaning of life, the universe and blogging over the past …

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Mar 31

Mummy Bloggers, Blog Awards and Blogging Success


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the nature of blogging this week. A discussion on the Aussie Mummy Bloggers forum about what the term ‘Mummy Blogger’ really means, the planning and design of my new blog (more about this soon) and the listing of Home Loan Daily’s ‘Mummy Bloggers with the X-Factor’ award nominations …

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