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Jun 11

8 Ways to Support Your Favourite Authors

8 Ways to Support Your Favourite Authors

Writing is a bizarre occupation. It can involve spending a ridiculous number of hours wrestling words into submission, gently crafting the perfect turn of phrase or shaping whole new worlds from thin air. It can involve visiting amazing locations to soak up the atmosphere and find inspiration or spending hours researching a topic or idea …

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Sep 25

Banned Book Week 2014 – Are there any books banned in your home?

It’s Banned Books Week in the US from 21-27 September 2014. As I do every year when I see the banned book updates and comments, I can’t help but wonder why people put so much energy into drawing attention to the books they don’t want other people to read. “Hey everyone. Look over here. Look …

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Jan 06

Reading Romances

X (or star or squiggle) marks the spot.

What do you read when you’re looking for mental down time? Maybe you avoid books entirely when you feel like your brain is full, but since I’m a compulsive reader that isn’t an option for me. I have to be reading something or I start to get the shakes. Since I have been rather serious …

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Jul 01

30 June 2009 – Which? What? Who?

This is the first instalment of a new regular feature here at Reading Upside Down. A similar, hopefully weekly, post will be made at Oh, the Thinks you can Think using the same heading. The plan (yes, we do have one), is to post a weekly summary of the things that have caught our attention …

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Jun 23

Secret Reading Indulgences

Do you have a reading secret?

Rebecca at Lost in Books recently posted about book snobbery – believing that certain genres and types of book are superior to others in some way. Her post got me thinking. I’m as guilty of literary elitism as the next person. There are books that make me roll my eyes and other genres that I …

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Apr 30

Book Pun, Anyone?

Encouraged by Nat from Book, Line and Sinker (so you know who to blame if this all goes awry), I have been on the lookout for book puns after exploring the hair-raising efforts of hairdressers and the half-baked article titles of a local recipe magazine. So, here they are in all their punnish glory – …

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Apr 12

Readers’ Bill of Rights

I found this recently at Sally’s Books and Musings Down Under and liked the idea, so I have transplanted it here. Sally offers credit to Daniel Pennac. I have: The Right to Not Read The Right to Skip Pages The Right to Not Finish The Right to Reread The Right To Read Anything The Right to …

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Apr 11

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – What the?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Austen & Grahame-Smith

Despite the fact that I am a die hard Austen fan, when I heard about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Quirk, 2009) by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith I was still mildly intrigued – enough to check out the publisher website anyway. Apparently this mashup of Austen’s 1813 classic and a zombie rampage storyline has …

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