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Oct 29

Shout Out: Children’s Book Bloggers

I was recently the feature blogger at the Newcastle Writes website. In several conversations since my profile was published, people have commented on the amount of time I volunteer to manage the Kids’ Book Review website. I head up a team of amazingly generous and knowledgeable contributors who also volunteer their time to the site, …

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Oct 02

Books, Words, Conversations and Remembering Why I Blog

Yesterday I had several conversations about books and writing.   I had a wonderful visit to MacLean’s, my local independent bookstore, where I chatted picture books and YA fiction with the owner for quite a while, as well as taking in two picture books (Engibear and Peter’s Railway) to show the staff should they have …

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Jun 25

I Really Should Blog About That…

It’s been a wonderfully bookish and writerly start to the year. I have attended author talks, book launches, writing workshops, a teacher/librarian conference and I have read a pile of fantastic books. I have been to the theatre, socialised with other writers and generally indulged in my obsession with books and words. Oh, I was …

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Jan 10

Joyful Books

Thanks to Waterstone’s Woking (@WokingBooks) and Jacqueline Harvey (@JacquelineHarve) on Twitter, I’ve just discovered this wonderful clip on YouTube (recommended as Video of the Week at Flavorwire here) and had to share. I can appreciate the benefits of e-books, but I can’t imagine I would get the same amount of pleasure from watching a time …

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May 17

Buying Books From Westfield Online (+ Giveaway!)

Mary Poppins She Wrote by Valerie Lawson

I was recently given the opportunity by Westfield Online to indulge in a little book browsing with benefits at The Nile on the Westfield website. I was asked to check out their online bookstore with a voucher for $40 burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I have a list of books I want to …

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Mar 22

Can You Limit Yourself To Just One?

The 'What I'm Reading Now' pile on my bedside table

I’ve heard that there are people who read just one book at a time. They start a book, read page by page until the conclusion and then find another book. It doesn’t matter what the genre is, they are book monogamists, even if their faithfulness only lasts for the time it takes to read from …

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Dec 13

My Mission, Should I Choose to Accept It…

Today I am catching up on reviews. Here is the pile of books I have prepared in advance… So, I’d love to stay and chat, but I need to go and write, write, write and then write some more. There will be reviews published here and at Suite101 as well as some written for Kids …

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Sep 27

Thank You, Random House

Vintage Book Prize - Look at all those wonderful books!

I was very excited to receive a box full of Vintage imprint books this week, a prize I won through an online Random House competition I entered recently. Here they are: For those who don’t want to squint to read the titles, this is a list of all the books included in the prize: Beloved …

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May 30

Come to the Party? Don’t Mind if I do.


Just wanted to give a big round of e-applause to Rebecca (@bookladysblog) at The Book Lady’s Blog for the fantastic #BEAtwittyparty she organised. I hadn’t signed up to attend, since I hadn’t worked out what the time difference was and didn’t know what 8 – 10 pm Eastern time US translated to in Australia. Fortunately, …

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May 14

I Think I Might Have a Problem

Sewing for Dummies by Jan Saunders Maresh

Not to make light of people with debilitating and life-altering addiction issues, but does anyone know of any 12-step programs for people who are addicted to books? Hello. My name is Susan and I am a book addict. My house already resembles a library gone mad, but I just can’t resist getting more books. A …

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