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Jan 30

Dear Son Starting High School

When my older son started high school, I wrote a letter to him that was published on Happy Child. Two years later my daughter started Year 7 and I shared a letter to her here on my blog. Today, my younger son starts high school and I have once again been thinking about what words …

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Mar 29

Review: One Long Thread by Belinda Jeffrey

One Long Thread by Belinda Jeffrey

I thoroughly enjoyed this thoughtful, character-driven YA novel. I enjoyed reading Ruby’s perspective on her life, from her childish perceptions of her parents’ relationship and break-up to her reflections on her relationship with her twin sister and her grandmother. One Long Thread is a story that explores how families are connected in a way that …

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Jun 20

I Just Thought I’d Call To Tell You…


My mother often begins phone calls with ‘I just thought I’d call to tell you…’ She generally doesn’t have anything particularly traumatic to share. Often the sentence is finished with something along the lines of ‘…that I’ve run out of milk so you should pick some up on your way over if you want a …

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Apr 18

This is What Optimism Looks Like

Notebooks for recording Very Important Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what Optimism looks like? No? Well, I’ll give you a moment so that you can see what you come up with…. *quietly humming The Girl from Ipanema to myself while you think deep thoughts* So. What do you think? Something in a kind of sunshiny yellow colour? A large smiley face? …

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Dec 28

The Ties that Bind


Today I attended a gathering in memory of my cousin Luke, who would have turned 40 today had he still been alive. He passed away at the age of 13. I was 8 months younger than Luke, so I was only a child myself when he died. I have very few clear memories of him …

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Oct 12

Review: Family Forest by Kim Kane

Family Forest approaches complex modern family structures in a very light-hearted entertaining way. As the boy narrating the story explains how his family works, children reading the story learn about step-parents and half-siblings and have a few giggles along the way. This book isn’t just for children from blended families. My own immediate family is …

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