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Jun 04

Breaking the Blogging Drought

It’s been a long time between blog posts. There are lots of reasons for this – general busyness, procrastination, family distractions, working at Kids’ Book Review, procrastination, disorganisation, iPhone trivia apps and procrastination. As a case in point, this is supposed to be a Bringing Everyone Up To Date blog post, but the time I …

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Feb 01

Fox in Flats, Alex Perry and Me

So, can you guess the link between the amazing Andrea from Fox in Flats, designer Alex Perry and my good self? No? It’s sunglasses, of course (wasn’t it obvious?) Today is the first day of #FABruary, the new style dare from style blogger extraordinaire, Andrea from Fox in Flats. After yesterday’s post about postponing the …

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Dec 19

The Power of Red Shoes

In the past week, I’ve worn my glorious sparkly red ‘grown-up Dorothy’ stilettos twice. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed the comments and, I’ll admit it, the envy from others. They are the kind of shoes that grab people’s attention. Every time I wear them, I go through a silent and intense debate beforehand. Maybe …

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Mar 29

Review: One Long Thread by Belinda Jeffrey

One Long Thread by Belinda Jeffrey

I thoroughly enjoyed this thoughtful, character-driven YA novel. I enjoyed reading Ruby’s perspective on her life, from her childish perceptions of her parents’ relationship and break-up to her reflections on her relationship with her twin sister and her grandmother. One Long Thread is a story that explores how families are connected in a way that …

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Feb 03

Twitter Fashion Advice

Blue Shoes

I threw out a random thought on Twitter today. After the first visit to the dressmaker with my daughter for the junior bridesmaid’s dress she will be wearing at her aunt’s wedding, I was wondering out loud what I would wear to that same wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses are aubergine, the bride will wear cream, …

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Jan 28

What My Lipsticks Say About Me


In an attempt to complete the De-clutter Challenge set by The Organised Housewife, I recently decided to de-clutter my cosmetics. Not a huge job, since I don’t use much make-up, but there were definitely some items that could be tossed. Yes, Mother’s Day Stall hand cream gift, I’m talking about you. After sorting through a …

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Oct 06

The Ghosts of Fashion Past

Gold and chocolate brown stripes. Nice.

Inspired by this recent Retro-styled post by Meredith at Oh, The Thinks you can Think about her childhood fashion faux pas, I have searched through my photos to see what I could come up with. It was the 70s, so the chances of finding something truly atrocious were reasonably high. I was actually searching for …

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