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Dec 31

Goodbye 2014

Time for the obligatory year-in-review post.   It’s been a busy year, which got off to a slightly chaotic start and ended much the same way. I’ve had the usual mix of good, bad and indifferent. On reflection, 2014 has been a kind of transition year. Some longstanding issues have been dealt with and I’ve …

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Jan 27

Dear Daughter Starting High School…


Two years ago, I became a high school mum for the first time when my older son started Year 7.  At the time, I wrote this letter to him, published at Happy Child. This year, my daughter starts her high school journey. Like my son, she is moving to a high school where she knows …

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Jun 06

Have You Hugged Someone Today?

So, have you? Have you hugged someone today?

For the purposes of this post, quick ‘have a great day at school/work/uni, have you remembered to pack your lunch/jumper/homework?’ hugs don’t count. Hugs intended as a distraction so that the hug-ee doesn’t notice the half eaten chocolate bar quickly stashed behind a pile of books when they entered the room don’t count either.

I’m talking about a simple show of affection or encouragement, a hug given to simply let someone know that you care and that you’ve noticed them. Or a hug given to comfort, to let someone know that for a moment at least, someone realises how challenging their life is or how much effort it is taking to face the day.

Feb 04

Thinking about Friendships, Old and New

‘Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold’ So read the first two lines from a poster I was given at the end of Year 6, more years ago than I care to count. The poster was part of a graduation gift from the staff at my primary school, with …

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Dec 14

NewyTwistmas and Why I am Grateful to Twitter

As a responsible, internet-savvy parent, I regularly remind my children about the importance of cyber safety. They don’t use photos of their own face in any avatars and never give out personal information about their age, school or where we live. All location services are turned off and under no circumstances do they ever organise …

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Oct 30

Review: The Reunion by Joanne Fedler

I read this book several months ago when it was first released. Since then I have referred to it several times in conversations with friends and even in a post I wrote for Happy Child about stay-at-home mothers and depression.

Even though the characters weren’t particularly similar to my own friends or myself, there were so many moments in this book where I felt like they were articulating my own frustrations, challenges or subconscious motivations.

As a group, the women who meet together for their weekend retreat in The Reunion represent so many aspects of life familiar to women in their 30s and onwards. Between then they have had serious relationships, relationship breakdowns, had children or have passed the point where children are a possibility. They are dealing with illness within their family, either with children or aging parents, and they are facing a changes in their role as a mother, wife/partner and/or friend as their children grow older and they move on from the constant demands of parenting babies and toddlers.

I really appreciated that despite their age and experience, the characters were still discovering things about themselves. They still faced uncertainty and needed to be reminded to look beyond their superficial assumptions – they needed to be taken out of their own small world and reminded of the bigger picture. It was reassuring to read about characters who, like me, didn’t have it all worked out yet.

Jan 10

The Beauty of the Blogosphere

Lighting a candle for Lori and her family

The internet is riddled with creeps, perverts, stalkers and crazies, apparently. Venture online and you will regret it. Or so I’ve heard. I have many friends who regard Facebook with distrust and Twitter with disbelief. And blogs? What’s a blog and really, why would you bother? What I have never been able to help them …

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Jan 09

Poetry War Update #1

Time to write, words of might. Time to begin, who will win?

Meredith (Oh, the Thinks you can Think) and I have been engaging in a ‘friendly’ poetry war at Kat Apel’s Month of Poetry blog. We’re not poets, but we’re having fun playing with words and taking this opportunity to indulge ourselves in a public verbal war, posting poems on alternate days. Since the Month of …

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Nov 07

This Week I’m Grateful For… Medical Intervention, Friendship and Our Amazing World

I'm grateful for...

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I was ill with the ‘flu two weeks ago and have had a very, very slow recovery. Despite a hectic timetable that had absolutely no room for me to slack off, I have had no choice but to sit back and do not much at all over the …

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Jun 24

I Love You Twitter

Follow Me on Twitter

I find myself mentioning Twitter more and more often in general conversation of late. After sitting mesmerised by my computer screen last night and again this morning as I watched #spill unfold, I went to be wondering how I ever managed without my Tweeps to keep me informed and entertained. So, to avoiding writing a …

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