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Jul 31

Reading List: Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Empathizing with Gaza does NOT make me anti-Semitic, nor pro-Hamas or anti-Israel. It makes me human. David Harris-Gershon (@David_EHG) Over the past two weeks, I have struggled with my own ignorance about the Gaza conflict. My attempts to read news reports have left me frustrated with the obvious bias of the media and annoyed that …

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Apr 19

The Travelling Bra – Part 1

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Donate to The Travelling Bra campaign to raise awareness of the work of Support for Mums.  Nothing wrong with that. Supporting the work of an organisation that supports mothers and families through circumstantial crises seems like a good and worthwhile thing to do. Well done me. …

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Sep 08

Post Election Democracy

Amidst the general political discussion on Twitter last night, which was fast and furious, one thought really stood out to me. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t favourite the tweet so that I can attribute it properly. If you are the person who uttered these words of wisdom, thank you for helping me to regain …

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Jun 06

Have You Hugged Someone Today?

So, have you? Have you hugged someone today?

For the purposes of this post, quick ‘have a great day at school/work/uni, have you remembered to pack your lunch/jumper/homework?’ hugs don’t count. Hugs intended as a distraction so that the hug-ee doesn’t notice the half eaten chocolate bar quickly stashed behind a pile of books when they entered the room don’t count either.

I’m talking about a simple show of affection or encouragement, a hug given to simply let someone know that you care and that you’ve noticed them. Or a hug given to comfort, to let someone know that for a moment at least, someone realises how challenging their life is or how much effort it is taking to face the day.

Nov 30

Meet Ivy and Support the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia

This is a long post, but it’s important, so please read to the end. If you want the short version, here it is:

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia does incredible work to bring light, hope and joy into the lives of children who desperately need those things. Please, please support their important work by visiting www.starlight.org.au or click on the Starlight Foundation badge on my sidebar to the right.

For those who want to know why I’m so enthusiastic about The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia (I’ll refer to it as the Starlight Foundation), read on…

The Starlight Foundation is currently fundraising for their Mission: Christmas 2012 appeal, aiming to raise $1 million to grant wishes for seriously ill Australian children. In a shameless attempt to help you connect with this charity, to make their work real for you, I’m going to introduce you to my wonderful friend Ivy.

I’m not going to show you gorgeous photos to overwhelm you with the cute factor, although I could do that because Ivy’s a sweetie and her mother is a gifted photographer. There are cute photos in abundance. I’m not going to show you heart-wrenching photos either, although sadly we have those in abundance as well. Photos in hospital beds with Ivy lethargic and pale, hooked up to machines with a fatigue and world-weariness in her eyes that no child, or adult, should ever have to experience.

Instead, I’m going to give you a glimpse into the life of Ivy and her family, through the eyes of a friend, so that hopefully you can understand why the wishes The Starlight Foundation grants aren’t just something nice for sick kids. They are true gifts to these children and their families that make a profound difference in their lives. They create priceless moments and memories that these children and their families treasure.

Aug 31

Choosing to Make a Difference

I sat up until 2am this morning trying to write a post about cyberbulling and the way that so many people seem to set their good manners, civility, compassion and general human decency aside the moment the sit in front of a computer screen and keyboard. by

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Jan 18

Authors For Queensland Auction

Keep the Table Laughing

In the aftermath of the Queensland floods, it has been inspiring to see how resourceful and innovative people have been finding ways to support the victims of the floods. From baking and donating tools and equipment to support volunteers, to offering accommodation and pet minding, sandbagging and clearing debris, people have rushed in with practical …

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