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Oct 22

Midweek Music: Truly Brave

This mash-up by Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles is such a beautiful tribute to children who suffer with cancer and other debilitating health issues. They lose so much of their childhood while they lay in hospital beds receiving treatment. Truly Brave is a combination of Lauper’s True Colours and Bareilles’ Brave. It has been used …

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Oct 15

Midweek Music: Hymn to Her

I can remember when Hymn to Her was first released by The Pretenders back in 1986. I stumbled across this cover of the song thanks to my friend Cathy (from Most of us Need the Eggs) sharing it on Facebook recently. I think these five voices combine to create something quite beautiful. This version of Hymn to …

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Sep 29

Midweek Music: Root Beer Rag by Billy Joel

This song never fails to make me smile. A friend and his son played it as a duet at a friend’s wedding and it was just the most joyful thing – smiles all around from the performers and the audience. My daughter has been learning to play it on the piano and I have loved …

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Sep 03

Midweek Music: 2 Cellos – Thunderstruck

I love to see people who play well have fun with music. I’ve been a fan of the The Piano Guys for some time and love the way they perform.   I was delighted to stumble across this 2 Cellos clip on Facebook recently. I loved the clip and then enjoyed playing it for my …

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Aug 25

Monday Music: Newcastle HSC Music Students

Each Monday, I want to share something musical – a classic music video, something new I’ve stumbled upon, or some musical news that I’ve heard recently.   For my first post, I’d like to share the link to a series of profiles run by our local ABC radio station recently, highlighting local Newcastle HSC music …

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Nov 14

Literary References in Song Lyrics

Driving to school to pick my children up this afternoon, Michael Penn’s ‘No Myth’ came on the radio. This song always takes me back to the year after I finished high school. My best friend and I loved the song and hearing it reminds me of listening to it and other favourites while we hooned …

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Sep 25

Sunday Session: 25th September 2011

I’m joining in the Sunday Session meme hosted by Thea of Do I Really Wanna Blog? Thea’s changed the rules since I last took part, but since there now no rules, I guess it won’t matter that I’m following the old pattern of one older and one newer track. On Friday, I attended a funeral …

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Jul 18

Sunday Session: 17th July 2011

This post is part of the Sunday Session meme hosted by Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog. Call in to check out Thea’s Sunday Session post and find a list of this week’s participants. The rules are simple: On Sundays I pop two favourite songs onto my blog. An oldie but a goldie. And …

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Jul 16

Write on Wednesday: Write the Music

Thanks to a crazy week, I’m getting in just before deadline and posting my Write on Wednesday challenge on Friday. Better late than never. Write on Wednesday is a weekly writing exercise hosted by Gill of Ink Paper Pen. You can find the list of this week’s challenge and participants here and can follow the …

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Jul 10

Sunday Session: 10th July 2011

I was listening to Bon Jovi in the car today and had to giggle, as I always do, at the introduction to Living on a Prayer. I love the song, but can’t help but smile when I picture the big hair rock band playing the finger cymbals. Somehow they just don’t seem to fit with …

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