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Feb 05

Review: Love in the Time of Contempt by Joanne Fedler

While our teenagers wear their ‘no-one gets me’ attitude like a badge, as parents we long for reassurance that we aren’t alone; that someone else understands the fears and frustrations as well as the pride and joy brought into our lives by our teenage children. Joanne Fedler’s book Love in the Time of Contempt: Consolations …

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Oct 11

Book Review: Play A Bigger Game by Rowdy McLean

In recent years, I have become increasingly aware of the value in connecting myself – in the long and short term – with people who have an expertise in particular areas. While I am undeniably awesome at a number of things, there are other areas where I can most definitely benefit from the input of someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

There are decisions to be made and priorities to be set in my life and, to be honest, I feel woefully unequipped to deal with the many issues facing me at the moment. I find myself constantly vacillating between options or simply putting the issues to one side while I bury my nose in a book (all hail Susan, Queen of Procrastination). When I was offered the opportunity to review Play a Bigger Game, it seemed like the perfect way to shake myself out of the holding pattern I’m currently maintaining. A step–by–step guide to getting back on track written by an experienced (and successful) motivational speaker seemed like an opportunity too good to miss.

Apr 15

Book Review: Beijing Tai Tai by Tania McCartney

I’m not in general a big fan of autobiographies, biographies and memoirs. My hesitation comes, perhaps, from a fear that I will find that I have nothing in common with the person in question – no point of contact or common interest that will enable me to relate their experiences to my own in some …

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Mar 13

Review: The Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion

I admit I don’t tend to get too excited about movies based on books I’ve read, even when I loved the books as much as I loved The Hunger Games trilogy. I still haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies (I can hear your gasps of shock from here) and although I knew that The Hunger …

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May 31

Book Review: My School by Maralyn Parker

My School by Maralyn Parker

  Summary (via Random House Australia) Australian parents have never had more choice or information on schools. But much of the information available asks more questions than it answers. This is the first book that has all the answers and more. It is a must read for any parent who wants to get the best …

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May 05

Book Review: The Autism Experience by Valerie Foley

The Autism Experience by Valerie Foley

Summary (Jane Curry Publishing) The Autism Experience is a guide to bringing up children with Autism Spectrum Disorder written by parents who have themselves navigated the medical maze, braved the behavioural problems and survived the emotional rollercoaster associated with caring for someone with autism. Each chapter in The Autism Experience is based on a question …

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Jun 08

Review: Towards the True Kinship of Faiths by The Dalai Lama

In a world where we so often focus on what divides us, it is refreshing to read a book that stresses that we don’t have to be in total agreement with someone to treat them with respect and compassion.

While I don’t necessarily prescribe to some of the polytheistic premises of the book, I did enjoy reading this extremely well presented and intelligent consideration of how faiths based on fundamental principles of compassion, love and acceptance should be able to work together rather than causing some of the most destructive rifts and conflicts in human history.

It was extremely interesting to read insights into the major religions of the world – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism – and to see just how much overlap there was in the basic principles.

Apr 25

Book Review: E W Cole: Chasing the Rainbow by Lisa Lang

E W Cole: Chasing the Rainbow by Lisa Lang

Title: E W Cole: Chasing the Rainbow Author: Lisa Lang Publisher: Arcade Publications, 2007 (90 pages) ISBN: 978-0-9804367-0-9 Genre: non-fiction – Australian history, biography Summary (from Arcade Publications website) ‘The reign of knowledge and humanity is coming’ – EW Cole Lisa Lang introduces us to Melbourne’s most eccentric entrepreneur, taking us on the journey from …

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Mar 16

Book Review: Let’s Talk About Sex by Robie H Harris

Let's Talk About Sex by Robie H Harris

Title: Let’s Talk About Sex (15th Anniversary Edition) Author: Robie H Harris Illustrator: Michael Emberley Publisher: Walker Books, 2010 Topic: Sex Education, Sexual Health, Physical Development Summary (from publisher website) An updated, 15th anniversary edition of the definitive book on kids’ sexual health brings this trusted resource into the twenty-first century. Now with a brand-new …

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Feb 15

Book Review: Lauren Luke Looks by Lauren Luke

Lauren Luke Make-Up Tutorials

Title: Lauren Luke Looks Author: Lauren Luke Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, 2009 (205 pages) ISBN: 978-0-340-99784-0 Topic: make-up application, celebrity looks Summary (Hachette Australia website) ‘I just love colour! I have always been excited by colourful make-up and the endless amount of different looks you can create with it. I love the way it can …

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