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Feb 05

Review: Love in the Time of Contempt by Joanne Fedler

While our teenagers wear their ‘no-one gets me’ attitude like a badge, as parents we long for reassurance that we aren’t alone; that someone else understands the fears and frustrations as well as the pride and joy brought into our lives by our teenage children. Joanne Fedler’s book Love in the Time of Contempt: Consolations …

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Jan 27

Dear Daughter Starting High School…


Two years ago, I became a high school mum for the first time when my older son started Year 7.  At the time, I wrote this letter to him, published at Happy Child. This year, my daughter starts her high school journey. Like my son, she is moving to a high school where she knows …

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May 05

Book Review: The Autism Experience by Valerie Foley

The Autism Experience by Valerie Foley

Summary (Jane Curry Publishing) The Autism Experience is a guide to bringing up children with Autism Spectrum Disorder written by parents who have themselves navigated the medical maze, braved the behavioural problems and survived the emotional rollercoaster associated with caring for someone with autism. Each chapter in The Autism Experience is based on a question …

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Dec 13

Review: I Came to Say Goodbye by Caroline Overington

Given the subject matter of this novel, I had braced myself to be emotionally traumatised the story. Perhaps I over prepared myself to read I Came to Say Goodbye, bolstering my fragile emotions and preparing myself for a heartrending story of child abuse and neglect, because I must confess that I wasn’t the emotional mess …

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Jul 08

There is More to Life than Good Grades

Back when I was toying with the idea of homeschooling my children, I read a book about an American family that homeschooled their four sons (2 natural, 2 adopted) up to college age. The priority for this family was to encourage their sons to develop all the necessary academic skills, but they did this by …

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Jun 10

Robbed of a Chance to Say “I Told You So”

Tenor Saxophone

There are few moments as satisfying as the opportunity to deliver a well-timed “I told you so”. I know that I’m about to offer conclusive proof that I am a less than ideal parent, but a small part of me was waiting for the results of my son’s saxophone exam yesterday, knowing that they would …

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Feb 08

Book Review – Parenting by Kathy Walker

Parenting by Kathy Walker

Title: Parenting Subtitle: A Practical Guide to Raising Preschool and Primary-School Children Author: Kathy Walker Publisher: Penguin Viking, 2010 (262 pages) ISBN: 978-0-670-07422-8 Topic: Parenting, raising children Summary (from publisher website) Does your child have trouble settling at bedtime? Refuse to sit at the table for meals? Ignore you or argue when you say it’s …

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Nov 04

Review: Mama’s Song by Ben Beaton

I picked this book up because it was late (1am) and I wanted something easy to read before I turned out the light. At 2.30am I was finishing the final pages and marvelling that a man in his late 30s could write such a moving account of teenage pregnancy and motherhood. As a mother, I …

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Apr 12

Ultimate Guides to Caring for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Love by Robin Barker

With my first child, I purchased a ridiculous number of baby care books. Honestly, if I’d read them all, I would never have had enough time to actually care for my son. I very quickly found that some never had the information that I needed and others took so long to find the information, that …

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