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Jun 07

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 5 & 6 – High & Low

High Angle - Piano Practice

I’m a little behind, so I’m putting Day 5 and 6 of White Peach Photography‘s 30 Day Photo Challenge into the same post. Both photos were inspired by my children’s music practice this morning, so I guess that they kind of work together anyway. Day 5 – High Angle Day 6 – Low Angle by

Jun 05

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 4 Green

Green Tea

Trying to think outside the square to compensate for my lack of technical know-how with the photos I am taking. For today’s 30 Day Photography Challenge, I have photographed my cup of green tea – Japanese Cherry tea from The Tea Centre with green tea, cherry pieces and rose petals to be precise. I quite …

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Jun 03

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 3 Clouds

Lake Macquarie

I’m going to cheat a little for my Day 3 entry for White Peach Photography’s 30 Day Photography Challenge. These photos were actually taken a couple fo weeks ago rather than today. We had taken the kids to ride their bikes along the bike path near Lake Macquarie. Fortunately I had my camera with me …

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Jun 02

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 2 Worn Today

Green Eggs and Ham anyone?

Today I am feeling a little Seussical – that’s a lot like whimsical, but funnier and with better illustrations. This is my Day 2 photo for the 30 Day Photo Challenge hosted by White Peach Photography. by

Jun 01

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 1 Self-Portrait

30 Day Photography Challenge

I haven’t been very good at prioritising things over the past few years. Photography has been one of many interests unceremoniously put aside as I fell victim to chronic disorganisation and low energy levels. As part of my efforts to get my life back on track (which I will be writing about at my new …

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Oct 06

The Ghosts of Fashion Past

Gold and chocolate brown stripes. Nice.

Inspired by this recent Retro-styled post by Meredith at Oh, The Thinks you can Think about her childhood fashion faux pas, I have searched through my photos to see what I could come up with. It was the 70s, so the chances of finding something truly atrocious were reasonably high. I was actually searching for …

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Apr 19

Review: Railway Portraits by Robert and Bruce Wheatley

One of the highlights of our recent excursion to Hunter Valley Steam Fest at Maitland was meeting Robert and Bruce Wheatley and purchasing a signed copy of their book Railway Portraits. More than a book about steam engines, this collection of black and white photographs captures the spirit of the age of steam. I am …

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