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Jan 07

Review: It Started with a Kiss by Lisa Heidke

Since the last time I read a Lisa Heidke novel, the very enjoyable Stella Makes Good (review here), I have had the opportunity to meet the lady herself during some author events in Newcastle early last year. Meeting Lisa was an absolute delight and left me even more eager to read the new novel that …

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May 16

Review: Austenland by Shannon Hale

It’s no secret that I’m a Jane Austen fan. I’m not over-the-top fanatical – I can’t quote sections of text and I haven’t even read Mansfield Park – but I do love Austen’s work. I love her characterisation and her wonderful use of language and I love the social commentary aspect of her novels. I’m …

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Nov 08

Review: Drive Me To Distraction by Caitlyn Nicholas

I started Drive Me To Distraction expecting a standard romance with an edge of suspense. Instead, it was the suspense aspect of the story that really drew me in and kept me turning pages.

The menacing character of Lord Hamish MacCameron was a more dominant presence in the book than love interest Rob Dryden. I found Alex’s attempts to free herself from MacCameron’s blackmail attempts and behind-the-scenes manipulations far more enthralling than the developing attraction between Alex and Rob. The suspense aspect of the story is the real draw card. Even after MacCameron’s suspicious death, I was left wondering if Alex was going to be able to recover from the many complications that her involvement with MacCameron had caused for her both professionally and romantically.

Sep 21

Review: Bittersweet by Melanie La’Brooy

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Bittersweet. I was looking for something easy to read and at some time someone on Twitter had recommended Melanie’s books to me so I thought I would give it a try. Bittersweet was a wonderful combination of comedy of errors style humour with some family, relationship …

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Jul 06

Write on Wednesday: Romance Masterclass

This week’s Write on Wednesday (hosted by the delightful Gill from Ink Paper Pen) has a guest writing task master – Allison Tait from Life in a Pink Fibro. You can find all the details of her challenge here and it isn’t too late to sign up if you want to join in the fun. …

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Jan 06

Reading Romances

X (or star or squiggle) marks the spot.

What do you read when you’re looking for mental down time? Maybe you avoid books entirely when you feel like your brain is full, but since I’m a compulsive reader that isn’t an option for me. I have to be reading something or I start to get the shakes. Since I have been rather serious …

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Sep 07

Review: What Kate did Next by Lisa Heidke

I really enjoyed this Chick Lit-style novel, probably because the protagonist Kate was much closer to me in age and life situation that the usual stiletto-wearing upwardly mobile 20-something central character. I loved Kate as a character. She was intelligent and entertaining and I enjoyed reading her amusing observations of her friends and extended family …

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Jun 08

Review: Roadside Sisters by Wendy Harmer

This is a fun, light-hearted, amusing novel. I did find that I could predict the outcome of the story from quite early on, but I found Harmer’s humour and entertaining descriptions of people and events more than offset any predictability. The mobile home plastered with a life-style Elvis Presley decal, the campground adventures and the …

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Mar 14

Review: Manhattan Dreaming by Anita Heiss

I don’t generally read a lot of chick lit, possibly because I have so little in common with the upwardly mobile urban professionals that often feature as the central character. I realise that the escapism factor is a large part of the appeal of these stories, but I tend more towards historical fiction when I’m …

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Jun 23

Secret Reading Indulgences

Do you have a reading secret?

Rebecca at Lost in Books recently posted about book snobbery – believing that certain genres and types of book are superior to others in some way. Her post got me thinking. I’m as guilty of literary elitism as the next person. There are books that make me roll my eyes and other genres that I …

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