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May 17

I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

The Little Engine That Could

We’re all over it in this household when it comes to train analogies, railway terminology and a good train-related quote. Thanks to my train enthusiast 7-year-old son, I have read every train story known to man from The Little Engine that Could and the adventures of the Little Red Train to more Thomas the Tank …

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Apr 18

This is What Optimism Looks Like

Notebooks for recording Very Important Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what Optimism looks like? No? Well, I’ll give you a moment so that you can see what you come up with…. *quietly humming The Girl from Ipanema to myself while you think deep thoughts* So. What do you think? Something in a kind of sunshiny yellow colour? A large smiley face? …

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May 18

Review: Thomas and His Friends Collection by Rev. W. Awdry

While reading my son his bedtime story tonight, I was reminded of just how lovely the original Thomas the Tank Engine stories are. The range of modern Thomas the Tank Engine books includes educational titles teaching colours, numbers and words, activity books, My Thomas Story Library titles and various other books including Thomas and the …

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May 11

Review: Thomas and the Blackout

With a train-obsessed son, I have seen more than my fair share of Thomas the Tank Engine books. Not that he limits his interest to our favourite responsible, reliable and really useful little blue tank engine, but given his age (five) Thomas does appear rather frequently as a bedtime book selection. It’s not everyday that …

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May 11

Make Your Own My Thomas Story Library Book


Don’t you love it when you find the perfect birthday gift for someone and manage to remember it when it comes time to actually buy them a birthday present? Several months ago I was browsing the Egmont UK website when I came across the ‘You’ and the Birthday Surprise DIY Thomas book. Presented in the …

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Apr 19

Review: Railway Portraits by Robert and Bruce Wheatley

One of the highlights of our recent excursion to Hunter Valley Steam Fest at Maitland was meeting Robert and Bruce Wheatley and purchasing a signed copy of their book Railway Portraits. More than a book about steam engines, this collection of black and white photographs captures the spirit of the age of steam. I am …

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