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Aug 24

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

I haven’t spent much time on Twitter in recent months. I’d almost forgotten how much fun the Twitter community can be and how many interesting and likeable people I have met through this particular social media network. One of those people is the delightful Carmen from Honey Delight (@Honey_Delight on Twitter). Carmen has been unfailingly …

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Dec 14

NewyTwistmas and Why I am Grateful to Twitter

As a responsible, internet-savvy parent, I regularly remind my children about the importance of cyber safety. They don’t use photos of their own face in any avatars and never give out personal information about their age, school or where we live. All location services are turned off and under no circumstances do they ever organise …

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Feb 03

Twitter Fashion Advice

Blue Shoes

I threw out a random thought on Twitter today. After the first visit to the dressmaker with my daughter for the junior bridesmaid’s dress she will be wearing at her aunt’s wedding, I was wondering out loud what I would wear to that same wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses are aubergine, the bride will wear cream, …

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Jan 10

The Beauty of the Blogosphere

Lighting a candle for Lori and her family

The internet is riddled with creeps, perverts, stalkers and crazies, apparently. Venture online and you will regret it. Or so I’ve heard. I have many friends who regard Facebook with distrust and Twitter with disbelief. And blogs? What’s a blog and really, why would you bother? What I have never been able to help them …

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Dec 14

Do You Enjoy Poetry?

I’m rather unpredictable when it comes to poetry. I enjoy many of the mainstream poetry ‘classics’ – Wordsworth, Keats, Donne, Coleridge for example. I loved studying them at school and have continued to read them periodically for pleasure. I still giggle at the bawdy humour of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and love the poetry of Shakespeare. …

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Sep 02

Feel Them Up Friday

I'm going pink for #FeelThemUpFriday

Thanks to the wonderful Sarah (@SeraphimSP) and Carol (@CarolDuncan) the Twitterverse has united to raise awareness of a very important cause. On Friday September 3rd, Carol and Sarah are asking tweeps to turn their avatars pink and join them in promoting breast self-examination. Both Carol and Sarah know women that have been impacted by breast …

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Jun 24

I Love You Twitter

Follow Me on Twitter

I find myself mentioning Twitter more and more often in general conversation of late. After sitting mesmerised by my computer screen last night and again this morning as I watched #spill unfold, I went to be wondering how I ever managed without my Tweeps to keep me informed and entertained. So, to avoiding writing a …

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May 15

Celebrating Brave Beautiful Bloggers

Blogging without Makeup

I came a little late to the Bloggers Without Makeup party yesterday. I didn’t post a picture of myself makeup-free until quite late in the day. Why the delay? Well, I was home alone all day and the self-portraits I attempted were quite tragic. I also felt like I was coming down with my son’s …

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May 14

Bloggers Without Makeup

Bloggers Without Makeup photo

Jodie Anstead (@JodieAnstead) challenged bloggers and tweeps to join her on Friday, 14th May for a Bloggers Without Makeup Day. I could summarise her post on the inspiration for this day, but I’m feeling lazy and running late with my own BWM post, so you should probably just wander over to Jodie’s Mummy Mayhem blog …

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Jul 13

13th July 2009 – Which? What? Who?

Well, it’s taken me two weeks, but I have finally managed to get a Which? What? Who? post in on time. Yay me! Book Discussions: I have been greatly distracted over the past 4 days by a Twitter competition run by Penguin Books Australia. (@PenguinBooksAus) offering $2000 worth of Penguin book to the best answer …

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