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Jun 11

8 Ways to Support Your Favourite Authors

8 Ways to Support Your Favourite Authors

Writing is a bizarre occupation. It can involve spending a ridiculous number of hours wrestling words into submission, gently crafting the perfect turn of phrase or shaping whole new worlds from thin air. It can involve visiting amazing locations to soak up the atmosphere and find inspiration or spending hours researching a topic or idea …

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Feb 23

Finding Focus

I wrote several years ago about my suburban mum camouflage wardrobe in its many shades of brown, tan, beige, khaki and black. I’ve recently noticed that I’ve started drifting back to old habits, not only with my clothing, but in my life in general – bland, lacking in direction and simply drifting along without any …

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Jan 01

Hello 2015

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of New Years’ Resolutions, yet every year I seem to make some anyway. This year, I just have one – in 2015 I will live life intentionally. My life tends towards the reactionary. I deal with stuff as it happens (or generally after it happens because I …

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Oct 02

Books, Words, Conversations and Remembering Why I Blog

Yesterday I had several conversations about books and writing.   I had a wonderful visit to MacLean’s, my local independent bookstore, where I chatted picture books and YA fiction with the owner for quite a while, as well as taking in two picture books (Engibear and Peter’s Railway) to show the staff should they have …

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Jun 25

I Really Should Blog About That…

It’s been a wonderfully bookish and writerly start to the year. I have attended author talks, book launches, writing workshops, a teacher/librarian conference and I have read a pile of fantastic books. I have been to the theatre, socialised with other writers and generally indulged in my obsession with books and words. Oh, I was …

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Feb 18

Exciting Bookish News

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have recently taken on the role of Managing Editor of the amazing Australian children’s book review website, Kids’ Book Review. I have written reviews for Kids’ Book Review for some time and for the past 18 months have been contributing to the site as a Senior …

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Aug 31

Choosing to Make a Difference

I sat up until 2am this morning trying to write a post about cyberbulling and the way that so many people seem to set their good manners, civility, compassion and general human decency aside the moment the sit in front of a computer screen and keyboard. by

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Jul 29

What Does Depression Look Like?

Depression makes you feel like you're alone in a crowd.

I have just posted this at my other blog Living Upside Down, but wanted to post it here too to explain why I haven’t been writing much lately. Depression makes you feel like you’re alone in a crowd. I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve wanted to, but I just haven’t been able to get organised/haven’t …

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Jul 16

Write on Wednesday: Write the Music

Thanks to a crazy week, I’m getting in just before deadline and posting my Write on Wednesday challenge on Friday. Better late than never. Write on Wednesday is a weekly writing exercise hosted by Gill of Ink Paper Pen. You can find the list of this week’s challenge and participants here and can follow the …

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Jul 06

Write on Wednesday: Romance Masterclass

This week’s Write on Wednesday (hosted by the delightful Gill from Ink Paper Pen) has a guest writing task master – Allison Tait from Life in a Pink Fibro. You can find all the details of her challenge here and it isn’t too late to sign up if you want to join in the fun. …

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